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In 2012, 60% of the people with chiropractic care had acupuncture care covered under insurance.

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My interest in health and alternative medicine began when I was a teenager. Having experienced continual side effects from prescription medications, dealing with scoliosis and the possibility of having back surgery. I began a journey of investigating and learning about nutrition, science and different ways I could get my body at the highest level of health possible.

My first experience with creating a healing protocol was when my husband was diagnosed with a Kidney condition. I read countless books on natural medicine and herbs and finally put together a formula and diet for him to try. He used it and successfully reversed his condition.


Evolution Acupuncture presents Self-care Events at organizations around the valley and Corporate Wellness Luncheons.

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I went to Evolution Acupuncture for a swollen ankle, but ended up getting so much more out of it! I feel so much healthier and stronger since going to Pam. It is truly one of the most relaxing experiences that I look forward to. Thank you Pam for all your help.

Marisa Friedman

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